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City Awards Management is a chain of award shows across South Africa. We celebrate and uplift the achievements of local individuals in 15 different categories across the entertainment industry.


Nominees stand the chance to win a Fully Sponsored trip, Radio Tours, Marketing Contracts and much more. 


Each award show has its own Market Space for entrepreneurs to sell/promote their products/services

as well as its own monthly online magazine. 

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About us

031 Awards

Email - 031@cityawards.co.za

@031awards on all social media platforms

Period - August 

Official Hashtag - #031awards


Open to artists based in Durban and surrounding areas  

012 Awards

Email - 012@cityawards.co.za

@012awards on all social media platforms

Period - October 

Official Hashtag - #021awards


Only open to artists based in Pretoria and surrounding areas  

035 Awards 

Email - 035@cityawards.co.za 

@035awards on all social media platforms

Period - December 

Official Hashtag - #035awards


Open to artists based in

Empangeni, Richards Bay and surrounding areas 

011 Awards

Email - 011@cityawards.co.za

@011awards on all social media platforms

Period - June

Official Hashtag - #011awards


Open to artists based in Johannesburg and surrounding areas

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Create the playlist

City Awards allow the artists to submit their music for a quality check, once passed by our team, the song will be added to the playlist and heard at the event.


  • Must be in .mp3 format
  • Only 1 Song submission per artist
  • Must submit at the meet and greet of that award show hosted the week before the event.


City Awards has introduced a quota system for all music being played at the event:

  • 80% Local Music
  • 20% International
Market place

Each award show includes a market place for creatives to sell/promote their products, music, art or services.


Artist/Individuals that wish to make use of this market place must email 


with the following details:

  • Full Name -
  • Contact Number -
  • What items he/she wishes to sell/promote -
  • Photos of the items -


Each award show has limitations on what can and cannot be sold.

May be sold:

  • Clothing 
  • Promoting of Services
  • Art/Music
  • Electrical products
  • And other related items

May not be sold:

  • Tuckshop items
  • Alcohol 


City Awards reserves the right to reject any vendors they feel are not fit to have a stand within the theme of the event. Vendors that are approved must arrive no later than 3 Hours before the event starts to set up, vendors who are late forfeit their spot and any fee paid for the stand.

Performance slots

Nominees that have been given a performance slot must arrive no later than 3 hours before the event starts to ensure:

  • They can do sound and stage check
  • They are there for the program run through
  • They know when to be backstage and where to go off stage.

Performance slots are limited due to time constraints, each award show also tries to cater for all genres and so we can only take a set amount per genre each year.


Performance slots are limited to 5 Minutes.


1. The slots can be applied for within a given period on our website.


  • Must have a youtube link to previous performance.
  • Must be nominated in that award show that year.

2. The slots can be won within a given period via votes.


  • Must be nominated in that award show that year.
  • Must get his/her fans to SMS “ONSTAGE + Artist Nomination code” to 35029”
  • e.g. “ONSTAGE 035 Mark”

3. The slots can also be won within a given period via a selfie competition.


  • Must be nominated in that award show that year
  • Must get his/her fans to take a photo of themselves holding an A4 page:
  • With “I want to see -Artist Name- onstage” written on it.
  • Must post it onto their social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)
  • The account must follow the award show and be public.
  • The caption must include the award shows official hashtag.
Nomination process

Nominations are free and open to the public.


How to submit

1. The individual will need:

  • His/her/their general information including
  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Social media details
  • Know which category he/she/they want to apply for
  • A professional photo
  • A link to his/her/their music/work (If Applicable)

2. The individual must go onto our website and submit their details onto the page of the award show he/she/they want to apply for. (Before the closing date)


3. Once they have filled in ALL the fields of the form online, they must attach their photo. (the photo cannot be larger than 3MB)


4. After the artist/individual clicks submit he/she/they must wait for a confirmation message that will say the form was submitted successfully.


The selection process

When an artist/individual submits a nomination it undergoes a quality check that


  • Artist/Individual Background check via social media.
  • Music/work rating according to quality & lyrical content.
  • The popularity and accessibility of the individual's work/music/art.
  • As well as a number of other factors personalized to the category

3. The photo submitted must be up to standard.

(One cannot be an artist without proper photos for marketing)


The selection process is done by industry professionals who do not know the identity of their fellow judges to ensure the nominations are free from favoritism. The judges then score each nominee based on a number of contributing factors.


Approved Nominees

When an artist/individual is accepted to be nominated, he/she/they will receive an email congratulating them and informing them of the steps to take from there forward.

It is VERY important the nominees READ ALL the content in that email, if they miss crucial information they would only be putting themselves at a disadvantage.


The artist/individual then needs to send a whatsapp with his/her/their

STAGE NAME & CATEGORY to 061 122 6560


The artists/individuals nominee poster is attached in that email

The poster contains:

  • The category the artist/individual was approved for
  • The unique voting code eg. SMS 035 Mark to 35029
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Top 10 Online ranking

On a regular basis, the ranking of nominees who are in the lead for each category is posted online on the award show’s website page. These ranking is only according to votes and does not include the judges’ scores.


Nominees who do not see their name in the ranking are still nominated and still viable to win the award, by not seeing their name it simply means the nominees on the list currently have more votes than them.


Under no circumstances will the number of votes each nominee has received be given out, nominees are free to ask for their figure after the award show has ended.


In the event that a category is not shown, it means City Awards is currently still processing nominees for that category and it will be shown at a later stage.

Retracting of Nominations

In the event that a nominee is found unworthy of a nomination based on new material found, unethical manners of which the artist/individual partook in and so forth, City Awards reserves the right to retract the nomination and the artist will forfeit any and all votes received.

The artist/individual will under no circumstances be compensated for these votes.

Voting Procedure

Voting Costs R3.00 per SMS (Free SMS’s & SMS Bundles do NOT apply)

Votes per device are unlimited.


In order for your fans to vote successfully they must:

  • Have a positive airtime balance of R3.00 or more.
  • Have a stable network connection.
  • SMS their vote to 35029
  • Include the correct unique code eg. 035 Mark

If they have all these elements in place and are unable to vote (meaning the SMS failed),

they will need to visit their nearest network provider branch to resolve.


There is no auto-reply when voting and only fans currently in South Africa can vote.

Voting is only done via SMS, there is no online voting system.


Vote Multipliers

On the odd occasion City Awards will have a day/period where all votes received are


Eg. All votes received on Monday 12 Jan will be doubled.

This means 1 vote counts as 2 votes.


Final Scoring

The standard category winner calculation is done as follows:

50% Votes & 50% Judges’ Score.

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For Questions & Inquiries please submit below. 

To follow up please contact info@cityawards.co.za should you not receive a reply within 3 working days.